Media in Education is a powerful and exciting digital resource providing access to your local e-edition and FREE educational programs to participating teachers and students. The programs for the 2016-2017 school year are listed below along with the program availability.  Pigskin Geography, Pigskin, Jr., Kids Scoop News, Problem of the Week and the serial stories will be posted in PDF format throughout the school year. Once posted, the programs are available for the entire school year for you to access at your convenience.

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Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving (14 Chapters)
Students and teachers will enjoy the original text of these well-known stories. They'll find the stories are much different than the Hollywood versions. Only mild edits have been made for words no longer in popular use. 

December - The bonus story, Moonlit Nights, by Janie Lancaster (Author/Illustrator) is based on one of Opal’s many stories.

January – April - In this 15-chapter serial story a young country boy makes good at a major New York City newspaper breaking sensational stories. He travels to the Philippines to report on the Spanish-American War where he’s captured by the rebels, escapes, and then helps lead the American troops after the rebels and to victory.

January – March - Hundred Dollar Cat by Frances Milburn (Donated by Dawn McBride, Watertown Daily Times). When Ben accidentally is given the wrong change ($100 instead of a $10 bill) by a cashier at Toppers, he pockets the money. Ben is deep in thought about the $100 on the way home when his mom hits a darting cat in the road. At his insistence, they take the injured, scruffy cat to the vet and decide to go ahead with surgery, even though it is expensive. While waiting for word on the cat, Ben again returns to thoughts of the money. Should he buy a much desired new soccer ball? Tell his mom what happened? Help pay for the cat’s surgery?